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Private / Leisure Catamarans

Scape 40 Sport
Scape 40 Sport

The narrow wave-piercing hulls and bridge deck are constructed from the highest-grade Lloyds approved materials. The vacuumed epoxy / foam construction results in a seamless, super lightweight and yet stiff laminate. The interior surfaces are devoid of liners keeping the weight low and allowing for easy cleaning. Bulkheads and cabinetry are integrated into the hull construction both vertically and horizontally adding to the strength and stiffness.

The U-shaped helming cockpit encompasses the sleek and stylish helmstation with a vast array of electronic equipment and carbon wheel. The main track and winch station are all easily controlled in and around this area whether in cruising or race mode. The huge drop down table turns into a perfect daybed.

This is the perfect private/leisure catamaran that puts the thrill in sailing.

Private / Leisure
Scape 40 Adventure

The best 40′ foot Private / Leisure Catamaran in the world! Carries up to 36 passengers.

  • Low maintenance and easy to clean.
  • Excellent return on investment.
  • Indoor / Outdoor theme.
  • Finishes to suit all your needs.

Scape Yachts has been specializing in building catamarans for the last 15 years and has the expertise to build you the right catamaran to do the right job!

Take our 3D visual tour.

Scape 42 Power
Scape 42 Power

This brand new Simonis-Voogd Power Catamaran is designed to be fast, stable and light weight, making it highly efficient with its wave-piercing hulls and shallow draft. The indoor / outdoor theme gallery and saloon allows you to enjoy the island life and has spacious interiors with all the equipment to live aboard or entertain guests. This spectacular Private/leisure catamaran is perfect for an outing with friends or family.