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Day Charter Catamarans

Serenity one
Scape 40 Adventure

The best 40′ foot Day Charter Catamaran in the world! Carries up to 36 passengers.

  • Low maintenance and easy to clean.
  • Excellent return on investment.
  • Indoor / Outdoor theme.
  • Finishes to suit all your needs.

Scape Yachts has been specializing in building day charter catamarans for the last 15 years. We have the expertise to build you the right catamaran to do the right job! Take our 3D Visual tour.

Scape 42 Power

This brand new Simonis-Voogd Power Catamaran is designed to be fast, stable and light weight. Making it highly efficient with its wave-piercing hulls and shallow draft. The indoor / outdoor theme gallery and saloon allows you to enjoy the island life. It has spacious interiors with all the equipment to live aboard or entertain guests. These Day Charter Catamarans are unlike any other you’ve ever seen.

Scape 51 Adventurer Day Charter
Scape 51

The Scape 51’ DC Explorer is designed and developed to be the ultimate day charter catamaran, for both you the operator and your guests. The Scape 51’ is incredibly easy to handle and can be sailed single handily. Lowering your operating costs. This fast and eco-friendly catamaran is low maintenance and ready for charter. There are various layout options available to suit your individual charter needs. These include bar units, seating arrangements and coach roof options. As well as being the ultimate day charter vessel the Scape 51’ can handle ocean crossings with ease because the Scape 51’ is built with top quality products, using the latest technology and highest quality fittings.

The Scape 51’ carries up to 60 passengers.


This new Hysucat 420 uses the latest Hydrofoil Technology, which is similar to an aircraft wing. The top surface of the foil fitted between the two hulls, generates a low pressure region, the lower surface a high pressure region and the mass of water flowing past the foil is deflected downwards.

Lift is normally created when the craft reaches speeds of 13 to 16 knots, as the foil lifts the boat out the water drag is reduce drastically.

Performance and Benefits of Hysucat 420

The Hysucat Water transporter has an A-symmetrical double arc tunnel that allows an economical, comfortable ride in rough sea conditions, with;
Higher speed
And up to 40% more efficient than conventional craft of same size.
Less Power Required – Improved Consumption – Longer Range
Stable, Smooth and Dry Operation in Rough Water Conditions
Improved Load – Carrying Capacity Requiring Less Power
Superior Turning Capabilities / Prevents Broaching / Increased Safety
Outstanding Sea Keeping – Damping Effect Reduces Fatigue & Motion Sickness,
Environmentally Friendly: Smaller Wake, Lower Emissions
High Speed Performance With Surface Piercing Propeller Technology
Low Hull Resistance for Improved Electric Propulsion Performance
Shallow draft and beach landing.